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About Us

Why We're Here

ParaSQL was born out of the frustrating limitations found in existing enterprise-grade no-code / low-code cloud application platforms. None were designed for modern web browsers, none supported mobile devices very well, and none even allowed for the development of applications with real-world complexity without requiring a fall-back to unmaintainable code and outdated scripting practices. We could see a better way, so we built it.

ParaSQL's goal is to make it as easy as possible to build custom, cloud-native, very high quality, scalable, secure business applications.

Our History

We got our start in 1990 with Steve Jobs' NeXT Computer and the creation of an award-winning database product called Parabase. We have done several database application platform products since, and have deep experience with high-reliability, mission-critical database application platforms. Over the years we have served customers in the military, intelligence, medical and telecommunications communities. ParaSQL is our latest and greatest, built from a clean sheet of paper beginning in 2013. It is pure HTML 5, but more importantly fully built on the browser's DOM and designed specifically for modern web browsers and mobile devices. It runs on the Google Cloud Platform using cloud-native APIs. All code runs exclusively in Google's datacenters or in your web browser. We invite you to take a look at our Release Notes to see what's new.

ParaSQL is a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner.

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Technical Support:

Telephone: 888-829-7576

East Coast Offices
601 Heritage Drive
Suite 461
Jupiter, FL 33458
West Coast Offices
8201 164th Ave NE
Suite 200
Redmond, WA 98052

License Terms & Legal Details

ParaSQL is provided by ParaSQL LLC, a Florida limited liability company with headquarters in Jupiter, Florida.

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