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Develop and Test your application


Private Dedicated Server


Deploy & Integrate without Restriction


for non-production use; data restrictions apply**


per user/month

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One fixed price for your company with unlimited applications. No pricing for different types of users, no transaction fees, just budget certainty.

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2 Users for non-production use

20 User minimum account size


Low-Code Application Development
Powerful Visual Designer
Support for Enterprise-Level Data Heavy Applications

Build data heavy applications without the need for app code.

Integrated Reporting
Integrated Visualizations & Dashboards
Automatic Mobile Support

Apps can be installed on mobile devices and run full screen without a browser.

Advanced Data Types

Signature capture, barcodes, large documents, images with automatic thumbnail generation, etc.

Application API

Capture UI events that call your JavaScript code; access all application objects.

Data Model Logic

Code that operates across your entire federated data model, including Smart Connectors. ANSI compliant PSM syntax. Full transactional control and SIGNALing.


Pass parameters in; can optionally return result sets.


Pass parameters in; returns a single value.


Fire code as a result of a data modification; can call functions and procedures as needed.

Cron Jobs

FCDM batch jobs that fire at pre-determined times; full transactional control and SIGNALing.


Securely expose portions of your data model logic or data via a RESTful API.


Securely expose portions of your data model logic or data via ODBC.


Securely expose portions of your data model logic or data via JDBC.

Fully Managed Cloud Platform
Architecture Shared Private Dedicated Private Dedicated + Smart Connector Capability
Root Access
Service Level Agreement
Automatic Nightly Backups Applications & Schema Only (Data Not Included)
Backup Retention 7 days 30 days 365 days
Document & Image Storage 1 GB 1 TB Up to 1 Petabyte
Federated Data Layer
Federated Data Model

Link external systems into your common data model so everything appears as though it is in a single database.

Trial Available Optional
Smart Connector Capability Trial Available Optional
Smart Connectors Trial Available Optional

150+ Smart Connectors Available

Max Number of Smart Connectors per System Unlimited
Smart Caching
Email Out

Full support for sending email from your FCDM including attachments; under full control of your FCDM logic; support for high volume usage via your SendGrid account.

Trial Available
Email In

Full support for receiving email into your FCDM including attachments; full control over parsing & linking of mail via your FCDM logic.

Trial Available Optional
Application Private Embed

Typically used for deploying private customer or partner portal applications on your company's website. Sign in required for secure access.

Application Public Embed

Typically used for deploying an application on your company's website for public access. No sign in required; appears to the user like any other page on your website.

Integrated HTML to PDF Generation

Your FCDM logic can dynamically generate HTML (e.g. invoices, purchase orders) and convert generated HTML to PDF documents.

Trial Available Optional
Audit Trail

Automatically log all changes to data; query how your CDM data looked at a specific time in the past.

Trial Available Optional
  Community Silver Gold
Hours 10AM-6PM EST 24/7 Available
Location US US
Response Time 8HR 4HR (Urgent <1HR)

Community Forum

Email/Screen Share/Phone

Email/Screen Share/Phone

* The maximum number of rows is not restricted, however larger servers perform better with large amounts of data. Inquire for details.
** The determination of non-production use shall be at the sole discretion of company. Data is restricted to a maximum of 1,000 rows total across all tables.