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Digital Modernization Done Right
The No-Code / Low-Code Platform for
Continuous Business Improvement

The No-Code / Low-Code Revolution

No-Code / Low-Code technology is lowering the cost of custom solutions by dramatically reducing the need for manual coding.

Clear benefits:

Tailored To Your Business

Our No-Code / Low-Code technology allows applications to be tailored to your unique business requirements.

Fully Integrated

Fast Deployment

ParaSQL deployments are done in a series of low-risk steps we call "micro-phases." We can advise, support or implement depending upon your internal requirements.

Each micro-phase is targeted at streamlining a specific business process. We work with your employees to determine their needs, then go through a series of trial-feedback-improvement cycles to optimize the solution.

Since a typical micro-phase lasts no more than a few weeks, and in some cases multiple micro-phases can run in parallel across different departments, the total time-to-solution can be remarkably fast.

High ROI and Fast Payback

Our No-Code / Low-Code technology allows you to move from concept to implementation in record time. Costs are reduced AND solutions can start modernizing your business sooner. The result is shortened payback periods, less risk, and higher ROI.

Information Wherever You Are

Access your business applications from browsers, laptops and mobile devices anywhere in the world.

Powerful Results

If you are ready to learn more, please send an email to to explore the possibilities of what a No-Code / Low-Code solution could mean for your business.

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