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Better Inventory Tracking = Smoother Operations for Manufacturers

Fewer Glitches → Happier Customers → More Business
The formula for success.
  • Move your business processes out of labor intensive, error prone spreadsheets and into a powerful database application platform perfect for inventory tracking, field service and a wide array of other business-critical processes.
  • Get it done quickly. A power spreadsheet user can get up to speed on ParaSQL in no time – and start building inventory tracking, field service and other applications that truly fit your business.
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ParaSQL is simply the fastest way to build and deploy powerful custom business applications in the cloud.

Modern free-form design.
A ton of advanced technology.
Right at your fingertips.
ParaSQL is like no other cloud database solution. Because it was designed for modern web browsers, everything works amazingly well.
Do you need better inventory tracking? More efficient restocking? All the data in one place so you can see what is going on? No problem.
Do you need to capture data from field service personnel? Push work orders to them? Track their progress? Also no problem.
How about proof of delivery (POD)? Signatures? Approval routing? Check, check and check.
Automated reports that are up to the second? Dashboards? Customer portals? Oh yeah.
All on a single, integrated database. It's clean. Cloud-native. Seamless. Fast to deploy. And affordable.

ParaSQL has Signature Fields that allow anyone to sign with just a finger or a stylus.
Just one of many, many advanced capabilities.

Everything You Need To Achieve Success
Enjoy powerful querying, flexible user interface layout, and role based security. Tap into powerful reporting and a wide variety of chart, graph, and map types. Easily inter-link data objects on the screen (e.g. a Report, a Record or a Chart) to provide your users with an amazing user interface experience. Integrate live data from your existing systems with our Hyper Connect Engine. Use advanced spreadsheet-like formulas in fields and reports. Easily store photos of inventory items or job site work progress right in the database where it's easy to access. Even embed a single form or an entire application right into your existing website. And so much more.

All with a 95% to 100% reduction in the amount of programming required.
Accessible From Anywhere
Share your applications across the office or across the globe. Share internally with employees. Grant specific access to key customers. Simple email invites (with role-based security and single-sign-on with Google accounts) make sharing simple and secure.
Your Applications Will Run On Any Device
Use a tablet to capture information directly from your people in the field – or maybe the warehouse floor. One application will run unchanged across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It just works. And for frequent on-the-go use cases, you can easily create tailored applications specific to the job. A tablet-based application for the warehouse or a smartphone-based application for the field.
All running from a single, integrated database. Now access to information is more than just seamless – it's real-time.
Power When You Need It
Even complex business logic, routing, approvals, email notifications and more require only minimal code. Yet you have the full power of ANSI SQL when you need it, with fully programmable database triggers, stored procedures and scheduled events to handle complex tasks. And in the browser, you can easily include your own custom HTML and JavaScript code as needed to extend the UI. Built-in Visibility Formulas at the object level allow you to easily control what is displayed to the user based upon their Role or any other combination of factors, making it easy to create complex cascading drop downs and other conditionally displayed UI.

Watch a video to get started.

Hyper Connect works with on-premises databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2), cloud databases (Microsoft Azure, AWS RDS) and SaaS with drivers (Salesforce, BigQuery)

Hyper Connect Engine
ParaSQL's Hyper Connect Engine allows you to connect to tables from remote data sources and work with them in a ParaSQL application almost as though they were local database tables. You can view/add/edit/delete and join live data transparently across multiple different datasources at the same time. All in a single application, or even a single screen!

On the other side of the equation, you can directly access your ParaSQL database using industry standard ODBC and JDBC drivers. This means that virtually any third-party application you want to use with your ParaSQL data can integrate quickly and easily. From office productivity applications like Microsoft Word and Excel to MySQL tools like Workbench. No proprietary API. Open for business.
Reliable, Scalable, Secure
ParaSQL runs entirely in Google's datacenters to fully leverage the Google Cloud Platform's amazing infrastructure for enterprise-grade scalability, security, and reliability.

Automatic data replication, in real-time, to multiple physical data centers with automatic fail-over ensures that your applications are available and your data current even in the unlikely event of a complete datacenter outage.

Full encryption of data, both at rest and in transit, along with advanced multi-factor authentication is backed up by a large team of PhD-level security experts working constantly on your behalf.
If you want to run your business on the best, this is it.


ParaSQL is a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner

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